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Video is the King of Content

Video is not the future, its the NOW!

Video is the "King of Content" and all modern businesses need embrace this now or risk falling behind.

Spartan Retail Group Ltd in association with Hax Media are pleased to bring you the Video Impact Summit, this is possibly the most influencial event of 2016! 

We have assembled some of the best authors, entreprenuers, speakers and experts in business strategy, film production, social media and sales psychology to deliver first class content with a modern retail concept that will help you transform your business and show a significant increase in your enquiry levels. 

Take a look at this line up..

David Shaw - The Digital Domain, understanding digital media

-    Digital Strategist

-    Author of two Books

-    Keynote Speaker

David Shaw is an author, keynote speaker and podcast host. David believes that in order to get the most out of marketing, sales and technology we must embrace change and disruption. Working as a digital strategist, David consults on digital integration and implementation for business.

Author of two books, Going Digital and Evolve or Become Obsolete book we are privileges to have hime speaking at The Video Impact Summit.

“Video and film are hardly new so why now in late 2016 is video now almost the only media type that goes viral that gets attention and sells more than any other media type? In this session we will explore how video has become so important and why it has such an impact on us a society and as human beings.”

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Lucy Hill - Social Media & Live Video

-    Social Media Strategist

-    Keynote Speaker

-    Forward thinkerLucy is so fascinated with social behaviour online she has almost made a science out of it. Her business Avviso Media create and implement social media strategies through out the South East. Young Mum of two, Lucy balances family time with work by running a team of specialists to create and distribute quality content for her clients.

She has also build a successful forum called Social Day UK and holding the next event in December in London.

For The Video Impact Summit, Lucy will deliver her perspective of video and it’s role in social media and how it is benefiting business. Live video in particular as it’s is the new video phenomenon and with the new release of multi participants being able to join a live broadcast. Ideal for news items, expert interviews and the very powerful aspect of endorsement. Another step in escalating  use of video and the production of content.

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Hax Filmmaker - Broadcast but protect your Brand

-     Filmmaker

-     500 Business films to his credit

-     Video Marketing Strategist

Hax has been a documentary filmmaker for over twenty years. His work has been screened on the History Channel, Crime and Investigation Channel, Animal Planet and Nat Geo. He is the founded and owner of Hax Media over six years ago, a video based media base business that works with motivated business owners to produce and distribute engaging content with in marketing strategies. He and his team have produced over five hundred business films and ads in that time.

“I believe that in a world of published digital content that whilst there is a place for almost every type of video content possible, brands have to be particularly careful to protect themselves with quality, integrity and professionalism. It’s vital that with the ever increasing digital content out there, to stand any chance of being noticed and growing their customer base, businesses have to produce quality, relevant and engaging content. And the primary content now is Video.”

My talk at The Video Impact Summit will be about producing great content, protecting your brand and the importance of strategy. I will also be giving away tips and methods to self producing content.

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Paul Blair - The Language of Sales & Creating Certainty

- 23 Years in Retail Sales

- 2016 Judge in the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards

- Retail Sales & Business Coach

After serving in the Royal Air Force and the Metropolitan Police Paul has had over twenty three years in the retail sales industry and has been developing and delivering training courses for over ten years. The CEO of Spartan Retail Group Ltd, Managing Director of Spartan Online Learning Ltd and Spartan Retail Support Ltd Paul has seen first hand the power of video in business and has seen an increase in his business of over 50 times the cost of his first video alone.

He also Judged three categories in the 2016 British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards and continues to work with the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.

Paul's early influencers were Scott Mckain and Jordan Belfort and from here he has gone on to combine this knowledge with his own skills and experiences to be able to deliver powerful and relevant content that will change the way you communicate with your customers. He will show you how to elicit different emotional responses from your customers through stronger language patterns and tonality.

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Sally Marshall - Plan, Strategise and Track the results 

-    30 years as business analyst

-    Author

-    Business Mentor

Sally’s career began in the Clerk’s Department of the House of Commons working on various select committees and then moving up to become Departmental Finance Manager and then changed departments to the Department for Information Services where she was the Business Manager working on finance and performance management and reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

One of her main achievements during this time was to design a balanced scorecard which was implemented by the Directors to manage resources.

Sally Marshall is an author and business mentor. She is now working with small business owners helping them to free up their time and grow their businesses. 

In 2015 Sally published her first book, Delegate to Elevate: 7 Steps to Success for Sole Traders and her newest book, Know Your Numbers: How Is Your Business Performing? was published in May of this year.

At the Video Impact Summit, Sally will be speaking about how important to track your videos performance as helps you tune your video strategy to get better results and a great return in your investment!

Do you know how many people look at your video? Or which videos work best for you? Do you know who looks at your video, what gender they are, what age group or where they live? By using analytic software available for free, you can find out the answers to all those questions and many more which will help you focus on your target market and manage your resources more effectively.

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Katie Phillips - My Video Journey

-    Self love Mentor

-    Author

-    Video Marketer

Katie founded ‘Daring & Mighty’ in 2010 and ‘The School of Self-Love’ in 2016. She is known as ‘The Self-Love Coach’.

As a coach, Katie works with driven, successful women who don’t feel a success in their personal life. Their work together focuses on developing a deep, loving and compassionate relationship with themselves so that they may be of highest service to the world. She does this through mindset training, emotional mastery and grounded spirituality.

Katie is the Author of ‘The Self-Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’ (published 2015) and is a certified Transformational Coach.

In six years Katie has build a successful business that lets her do truly what she loves doing. She travels all over the world and works with amazing women helping them develop and achieve what they had only dream of. Video has been a key stone to Katie’s success, using it successfully to build her business to where it is today.

We have invited Katie to come and share her strategy and experience with the audience, revealing just how important video is as a marketing tool.

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We have a great choice of tickets and savings available to you! If you choose a Platinum Ticket you will benefit from a front row seat, a choice of a free book from one of our speakers and an invitation to the private drinks reception after the event where you will be able to meet the speakers!

Our Summit tickets will give you access to the event and a chance to purchase books from the speakers, not forgetting our Team Tickets which admit five people for the price of only four! 

Look out for the Early Bird Tickets and secure your seat now and an even better price! Buy your ticket now to avoid disapointment!!

Spartan Retail Group Ltd is a cetified training provider

What we do....

Sales & Customer Service Training

We have a very different outlook when it comes to sales and customer service training and focus on the modern consumer. We will be able to give you and your staff a better understanding of customer psychology, communication and help them to understand the art of persuasion and influence with an ethical undertone. With so many businesses struggling to find the right skill set we can help develop your people to give them and you the distinction and stand out from your competition taking the focus off of price and put it back on value.

We will be more than happy to assess your business and staff and let you know what we feel we can do in terms of process, systems and people skills.


Our sister companies have experience in the retail world and we have the additional strength of those businesses. We have a specialist Automotive Support division and an Online Learning business on which we can draw upon to support you, please ask for more details.

Who are we?

Spartan Retail Group Ltd incorporates Spartan Retail Support Ltd and Spartan Online Learning Ltd our sister companies.

Spartan Retail Support Ltd is our Automotive division looking after the UK Motor Industry in providing non technical training and consultancy. We specialise in automotive processes and selling skills for sales and after sales. We have a number of regular clients and have been supporting some of the most successful businesses in the South of England.

We are proud to support our British Armed Forces with our Military Support Program where we train ex service men and women in sales and after sales roles then help them find employment through our network.

To find out more please go to

Spartan Online Learning Ltd is our e-learning division, we design and supply quality online learning solutions rich in HD Video and Audio content covering many aspects from Automotive to Retail Sales and the Hobbies and Interests markets, this is also where you will find our online recruitment and assessment tool.

To find out more please go to

The Team

Paul Blair - CEO

Paul has over twenty years experience in sales and senior management, he is a registered growth coach for Growth Accelerator and has trained with some of the worlds best including a twelve month mentorship program with Jordan Belfort. He is a judge in the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards for the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management and is a regular business speaker and mentor to others. With a work ethic that is second to none and a level of unmatched vision and passion for success Paul is able to deliver an incredible return on investment.

Robert Diamond - Director

Robert has been working with Paul for over ten years in the automotive industry and has an in-depth knowledge of sales operations. He has a fantastic ability to motivate and develop sales people and has a first class insight into the modern consumer. He has a wealth of experience in sales and sales management working closely with Paul to develop his own training and coaching skills. As a hands on coach Robert is most comfortable in your business to support you with one to one sessions for you and your team but with the ability to help you evolve your processes and systems to maximise the opportunities in your business.

Jayne Jordan - Operations Support Manager

With over sixteen years in the banking industry Jayne brings a wealth of financial knowledge from client communications through to Corporate Actions and Equity Derivatives as well as her role as the European Champion of Client Services. Jayne was with the Royal Bank of Scotland for over ten years and Corporate Banking for Lloyds Bank handling Foreign Exchange and International Payments for six years prior to that. Jayne handles client relations and operations for the group and heads up the finance support training and development as well as our mystery shopping program. Jayne is also an accredited interviewer and a graduate recruiter.

Martin Blackaby - Business Coach

Martin has a phenomenal experience in retail dating back over 30 years working with major PLC's through to smaller independent businesses. He has a fantastic knowledge of the automotive industry as well as the retail sales and customer service industries. Martin has the ability to teach and develop everyone from your newest trainee though to the more experienced manager.

James Mackay - Customer Relations Coach

James looks after our customer clinics and supports our clients with the continuous customer service programs designed to develop customers for life. He has supported many businesses in their manufacturer led customer satisfaction programs working with Ford Motor Company on their Customer View Point program and other motor manufacturers such as Fiat, Alfa and Hyundai.

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